Sedalia Dove Field, US Forest Service

Property Location

Union, SC 29627

Latitude: 34.6093  Longitude:-81.7256
Acreage: 17
County: Union
Game Zone: 2

Property Type: Dove Field

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Property Owner Information

US Forest Service

'US Forest Service' is the property Owner and has a cooperative partnership with SCDNR to manage this property.

Property Description

This dove field resides within Sumter National Forest - Enoree Ranger District

Photograph of Sedalia Dove Field

The Sedalia Dove Field is approximately 17 acres and it is located near Sedalia Fire Tower Road, close to Cross Keys, in Union County. All game species may be hunted on this property during their regular Game Zone seasons.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources maintains approximately 50 Public Dove Fields in the Wildlife Management Area Program each year. These fields are typically planted in annual grains such as wheat, millet, corn, sorghum, and sunflowers and are open on specific days for public dove hunting. Hunters are reminded that the following special regulations apply to all Public Dove Fields in the WMA Program:

  1. Hunters are limited to 50 shells per hunt.
  2. Hunters are not allowed to enter fields before 12:00 noon.
  3. No shooting is allowed after 6:00 p.m. during the first season segment.

All federal, state and WMA regulations apply. Dove hunters utilizing the area on opening day must check-in at the entrance to the area before hunting and then check-out when leaving. Hunters must also park at the designated parking area. Hunters are further reminded that littering is a violation of state law and WMA regulations. Hunters should remove all litter, including spent shell hulls, from the field at the conclusion of the hunt. Hunters are cautioned to avoid shooting low birds and to hunt safely.

Hunters utilizing this field must have a valid hunting license, wildlife management area permit and migratory bird permit. All game species may be hunted on this property during their regular Game Zone seasons