Wild Turkey Management Demonstration Area

Property Location

Fairview Church Road
Union, SC 

Latitude: 34.7111  Longitude:-81.5392
Acreage: 503
County: Union
Game Zone: 2

Property Type: WMA Other

Hours of Operation

Regular Game Zone 2 seasons for hunting. Other allowable activities during daylight hours.

Activities / Facilities

Fishing Hunting Nature Viewing Hiking

Property Owner Information

This property is not owned by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, but is part of the leased lands management program.

Property Description

Photograph of Wild Turkey Demo

The Wild Turkey Management Demonstration Area is comprised of 503 acres and is located off Fairview Church Road near Union in Union County. It is owned by Hancock Forest Management and is leased by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as a wildlife management area (WMA). It is open for public hunting during regular Game Zone 2 seasons and it is open year around for other allowable activities.

Although this tract is managed primarily for timber production, many practices to enhance the area for wild turkeys are also implemented. The property has a good diversity of variously aged pine timber stands, mature hardwood areas along the drains and interspersed wildlife openings and linear wildlife strips along roads. The intermediate and older pine timber stands are prescribed burned on a three to four year cycle. The wildlife openings and linear wildlife strips are planted on a rotational basis with various agricultural crops attractive to wildlife, particularly wild turkeys. Plantings for wildlife include fall plantings such as small grains (wheat, oats and rye) and clover while summer plantings often include sorghum, catjang peas and chufa. The roads are planted with bahiagrass which is a very desirable food for wild turkeys. Sawtooth oaks are planted along some roads and around the edges of some wildlife openings.

In addition to the public hunting opportunity, this tract is available for use by those interested in wildlife observation, nature study, wildlife photography and other types of non-consumptive outdoor recreation. The area provides excellent habitat for a variety of nongame wildlife species that include birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.