Hallman Dove Field

Property Location

Leesville, SC 29070

Latitude: 33.8  Longitude:-81.402
Acreage: 47
County: Lexington
Game Zone: 3

Property Type: Dove Field

Hours of Operation

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Property Description

Photograph of Dove Field

Most of the 47 acres are contained in one large rectangular field. The remaining acreage occurs in two smaller fields just across county roads on the north and southwest sides of the main field. The field is planted annually with wheat, corn, sunflowers, sorghum and millet and crops are manipulated throughout all three seasons. Crop production has been hampered in the past by a variety of noxious weeds, but effective control has now been achieved. Due to the sandy nature of soils on the area, adequate rainfall is critical for good crop production. Because of drought conditions over the last few years, hunts have been rated as only average. A powerline crosses the upper end of the field and helps to attract birds. Because of the close proximity to Columbia, the opening hunt is usually extremely crowded. A designated parking area exists on the south end of the field off Rish Road. Once full, remaining vehicles must park along county roads.

Hunters utilizing this field must have a valid hunting license, wildlife management area permit and migratory bird permit. Game species other than dove cannot be hunted on this property and there are no activities allowed other than dove hunting.