Webb Center Public Dove Field

Property Location

1282 Webb Ave
Garnett, SC 29922

Latitude: 32.59  Longitude:-81.308
Acreage: 35
County: Hampton
Game Zone: 3

Property Type: WMA Specific

Hours of Operation

Fields and Regulations Information

Activities / Facilities

Hunting Nature Viewing

Property Description

Photograph of Dove Field

There are 2 Dove Fields at Webb WMA totaling 30 acres. The fields are planted in Sunflowers, Browntop Millet and Grain Sorghum.

Hunters are reminded that the following special regulations apply to the Webb Center Public Dove Field:

  1. Hunters are limited to 50 shells per hunt.
  2. Hunters are not allowed to enter fields before 12:00 noon.
  3. No shooting is allowed after 6:00 p.m. during the first season segment.
  4. All hunters are required to sign-in and sign-out.
Hunters are further reminded that littering is a violation of state law and WMA regulations. Hunters should remove all litter, including spent shell hulls, from the field at the conclusion of the hunt.

Hunters utilizing this field must have a valid hunting license, wildlife management area permit and migratory bird permit. Game species other than dove cannot be hunted on this property and there are no activities allowed other than dove hunting.