Joiner Bank Seabird Sanctuary

Property Location

Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Latitude: 32.216  Longitude:-80.659
County: Beaufort

Property Type: Seabird Sanctuaries

Hours of Operation

At this time, this seabird sanctuary is accessible only as a sand bar during lower tidal periods.

Closed one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise.

Activities / Facilities

Nature Viewing

Property Description

Joiner Bank Seabird Sanctuary is a sand spit formed by deposits from associated river systems. It shifts in position and structure due to erosion and deposition of sand. Presently it is a tidal bar and is underwater at high tide. Because it is covered by water at high tide, this sanctuary does not presently support waterbird nesting. It was designated a seabird sanctuary because in the past it was higher in elevation and supported colonial seabird and shorebird nesting. This sanctuary may, in the future, grow in elevation and again support colonial waterbird nesting. It remains important as a rest and foraging area for birds.