North Santee Bar Seabird Sanctuary

Property Location

Georgetown, SC 29440

Latitude: 33.117  Longitude:-79.238
County: Georgetown

Property Type: Seabird Sanctuaries

Hours of Operation

Due to bird nesting activity, this Sanctuary is closed to public use from March 15 thru October 15.

From October 16 thru March 14 the Sanctuary is accessible to the public below the high water mark.

No dogs allowed at any time

No camping allowed.

Activities / Facilities

Nature Viewing

Property Description

Photograph of North Santee Bar Seabird Sanctuary

North Santee Bar Seabird Sanctuary was established to protect significant nesting habitat of seabirds and shorebirds. The property is a sand spit formed by deposits from the Santee River system. It shifts in elevation and position due to erosion and deposition of sand, and in the past has been submerged at high tides, but presently it supports colonial nesting seabirds.

North Santee Bar supports colonies of nesting seabirds because of its isolated nature and lack of mammalian predators. Although all species may not nest on the island each year, examples of species that have used the island include: royal tern, sandwich tern, least tern, black skimmer, and gull-billed tern. Besides providing nesting habitat, the sanctuary provides winter loafing and feeding areas for numerous species.

The colonial nesting behavior of these birds makes them very susceptible to disturbance. Birds are densely packed into breeding sites during the nesting season, rendering the entire colony susceptible to disruption or destruction. Therefore:

  • The sanctuary is closed to public use from March 15 thru October 15.
  • During these months, no landing on the sanctuary.
  • From October 16 thru March 14 the sanctuary is accessible to the high tide line.
  • Dogs are prohibited year round and camping is not allowed.

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