Great Pee Dee River Heritage Preserve/Wildlife Management Area

Property Location

Mechanicsville, SC 29540

Latitude: 34.367  Longitude:-79.757
Acreage: 2725
County: Darlington
Game Zone: 4

Property Type: Heritage Preserve / WMA Specific

Hours of Operation

The bridge over Hurricane Creek has been replaced and is now open to vehicular traffic. The bridge was replaced using Heritage Land Trust Fund monies, which are generated from a documentary stamp fee on real estate transactions in South Carolina.

Repairing the road beyond the bridge is a top priority and weather permitting, the road will be graded and graveled before fall. The 2 miles of access road between the bridge and the river are not passable except for 4X4 vehicles and even 4X4s may get stuck. Visitors traveling this road are in risk of getting stuck in an area with poor cell phone coverage. The SCDNR has been unable to repair this road because heavy equipment needed to repair the road could not safely cross the old bridge.

Open during daylight hours for general visitation, and open all hours for scheduled raccoon and opossum hunting.

Activities / Facilities

Biking Fishing Hunting Nature Viewing Hiking Canoes

Property Description

Photograph of Great Pee Dee River HP

The 2,725-acre Great Pee Dee Heritage Preserve, owned and managed by the SC Department of Natural Resources, includes more than seven miles of river frontage and provides habitat for four state threatened species. The river is a boater's delight, while plant enthusiasts will find much on land to interest them. For more information concerning the Great Pee Dee Heritage Preserve see Johannes Kolb Archaeology & Education Project.

What to look for:
Follow the entrance road about 2.3 miles to reach the high bluffs overlooking the Great Pee Dee River. Along the way, look for some of the many wildflowers found in the area. Asters, lilies and orchids provide color during most seasons of the year. River otters and beavers live in the area, as do bobcats, gray foxes and more common mammals. You'll also see many wading birds, including four species of heron: yellow-crowned night, green, little blue and great blue. Wood ducks nest in the area, and, if you're alert, you may see a wild turkey. This is a great place for birds of prey like ospreys and red-tailed, red shouldered and broad winged hawks.

As you tour the site, stop to appreciate the beautiful cypress swamp and the river oxbows.

When to go:
Wildflowers appear in greatest abundance in the spring, as do migrating songbirds. Fall is also a good time to see migrating birds. The preserve is open during daylight hours, 7 days a week.