Property Location

McBee, SC 29101

Latitude: 34.407  Longitude:-80.292
Acreage: 1270
County: Chesterfield
Game Zone: 4

Property Type: WMA Specific

Hours of Operation

During daylight hours

Activities / Facilities

Hunting Nature Viewing

Property Description

Photograph of McBee WMA

McBee Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a compilation of property acquisitions that began in 1993. To date McBee WMA consists of 5 contiguous tracts totaling 1270 acres, of which 787 were donated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Farmers Home Administration (FHA). The remaining 434 acres was purchased from Floyd Farms in 2006 made possible by funding from the South Carolina Conservation Bank, Pittman-Robertson funds, and the SCDNR Deer Project.

To access McBee WMA, travel south from McBee, SC for approximately 4 miles on US 1. Turn left on Old Creek Rd. Parking area and informational kiosk are on left approximately 2 miles after turning on Old Creek Rd.

The tract is composed of uneven-aged pine/hardwood, uneven-aged longleaf pine, and planted loblolly and longleaf pine. There are over 300 acres of abandoned farm fields present with portions planted in wildlife food plants and the remaining acreage is mowed, disked, and burned to maintain early successional habitat. McBee WMA is managed to provide quality natural resources dependent recreational opportunities. Hunting, birding, and wildlife viewing are among the more popular activities enjoyed by visitors. Quail hunting on this area is restricted to computer draw hunts; applications are available from SCDNR at 803-734-3609.

For further information contact Sam Stokes through the Region 2 Hub office in Florence, SC at 843-661-4768.