Belvue Springs Heritage Preserve

Property Location

Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Latitude: 35.002  Longitude:-82.399
Acreage: 28
County: Greenville

Property Type: Heritage Preserve - Natural

NO Hunting Allowed on Property

Hours of Operation

Open during daylight hours only. This preserve has no developed access. The small size and predominate sensitive wetlands restrict use. Visitation is allowed and research or group visits require a permit.

Activities / Facilities

Nature Viewing

Property Description

Photograph of Belvue Springs Heritage Preserve

Belvue Springs Heritage Preserve is entirely wooded and is comprised of 28 acres. More than 70 percent of the land is wetlands that include Piedmont seepage forest and beaver impoundments. The uplands are dominated by Virginia pine. Most of the wetlands are dominated by tulip poplar, but a more mature forest is found on the northwestern arm. The preserve exemplifies an upland Piedmont seepage forest, which contains a unique assemblage of rare, peripheral and disjunct species. In addition, a wide variety of ferns and orchids are found here. The property has old terraces and ditches, indicating a past agricultural use of the uplands. Privet has invaded much of the forests along the Enoree River. When the property was acquired, it had a problem with kudzu and English ivy, but those invasive, exotic plants have been controlled.

Two very rare plant species found at Belvue Springs are the federally endangered species, bunched arrowhead, and the federally threatened species, dwarf-flowered heartleaf. Both of these plants are found only in a relatively small segment of North and South Carolina and occur nowhere else in the world. Shortleaf sneezeweed, a plant species of regional concern, is also found on the preserve.