Gopher Branch Heritage Preserve

Property Location

Aiken, SC 29801

Latitude: 33.661  Longitude:-81.793
Acreage: 11
County: Aiken

Property Type: Heritage Preserve - Cultural

NO Hunting Allowed on Property

Hours of Operation

The preserve is only available for visitation by guided tour.

Property Description

Gopher Branch Heritage Preserve, owned and managed by the SC Department of Natural Resources, is the location of Reverend John Landrum's home and his alkaline glaze stoneware pottery. Landrum is believed to be the founder of the alkaline glaze stoneware tradition in the Old Edgefield District. Scholars are confident that many of the innovations in this industry were begun at Landrum's home on Gopher Branch. Utilitarian wares such as jugs, churns and other items were produced by Landrum. Also, "Dave," a slave potter of some renown, worked for Landrum and his son-in-law Lewis Miles. Dave is well known for his couplets that were incised into his large jugs.