Stoney Creek Battery Heritage Preserve

Property Location

Yemassee, SC 29945

Latitude: 32.626  Longitude:-80.828
County: Beaufort

Property Type: Heritage Preserve - Cultural

NO Hunting Allowed on Property

Hours of Operation

Visitation by Guided Tour Only.

Property Description

Photograph of Stoney Creek Battery HP

Owned and managed by the SC Department of Natural Resources, Stoney Creek Heritage Preserve is located in western Beaufort County. The fortifications at Stoney Creek Battery were a portion of the Confederate southern coastal defenses constructed under the direction of General Robert E. Lee in late 1861 and early 1862. It is believed that the fortifications were not continuously manned; instead, a picket of one or more men would be periodically posted at Stoney Creek to warn of a Union advance into the area.