Thurmond Tract Wildlife Management Area

Property Location

Union, SC 29379

Latitude: 34.7949  Longitude:-81.5313
Acreage: 195
County: Union
Game Zone: 2

Property Type: WMA Other

Hours of Operation

Regular Game Zone 2 seasons for hunting. Other allowable activities during daylight hours.

Activities / Facilities

Hunting Nature Viewing Hiking

Property Description

Photograph of Thurmond Tract

The 195-acre Thurmond Tract is located in the eastern portion of Union County. Approximately 4 miles west of the town of Lockhart, it is accessed from SC Hwy. 9. This property was purchased from the family of the late Senator Strom Thurmond in 1991.

The tract is comprised of approximately 110 acres of loblolly pine planted during the winter of 2001-2002, 65 acres of natural hardwoods with scattered pockets of natural pine that range from pulpwood to sawtimber size and 20 acres of open land utilized as a public dove field and other wildlife openings. The public dove field is prepared annually and has generally been a very good field, especially during the first season in early September. The area also provides good hunting opportunities for other wildlife species such as white-tailed deer, wild turkey and small game species like squirrel, rabbit and bobwhite quail. Furbearers such as raccoon, fox, coyote and bobcat may also be found in the area.

In addition to the public hunting opportunity, this tract is available for use by those interested in wildlife observation, nature study, wildlife photography and other types of non-consumptive outdoor recreation. The area provides excellent habitat for a variety of non-game wildlife species that includes birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.