Tyger River Waterfowl Management Area

Property Location

Union, SC 29379

Latitude: 34.608  Longitude:-81.632
Acreage: 84
County: Union
Game Zone: 2

Property Type: Waterfowl Area

Hours of Operation

Waterfowl hunting is permitted on Saturday morning from one-half hour before sunrise until noon.

No entry allowed until 5:00 am.

Regular Game Zone 2 seasons for hunting and the area is open for other allowable activities during daylight hours.

This is a Category II waterfowl area.

Activities / Facilities

Fishing Hunting Nature Viewing Hiking

Property Owner Information

US Forest Service    


'US Forest Service' is the property Owner and has a cooperative partnership with SCDNR to manage this property.

Property Description

Photograph of Tyger River Waterfowl Area

The Tyger River Waterfowl Management Area is an 84 acre impoundment adjacent to the Tyger River in Union County. It is owned by the United States Forest Service (USFS) but is managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as a category ii designated waterfowl area. It is open for waterfowl hunting to anyone that is properly licensed (hunting license, wildlife management area permit, migratory bird permit and both state and federal duck stamps).

Waterfowl hunting is permitted on saturday mornings (from one-half hour before sunrise until noon) during waterfowl season. No entry allowed until 5:00 am. Other game species can be hunted during the regular game zone 2 seasons. Other allowable activities such as fishing, wildlife viewing, canoeing and hiking are permitted only during daylight hours.

There are about 12 acres of open land which is planted annually with supplemental food crops such as corn, sorghum, chufa or Japanese millet. Other portions of the impoundment produce a variety of natural foods such as smartweed, panic grasses, tearthumbs and asiatic dayflower. Oak trees on the slopes around the impoundment drop their acorns into or near the water and waterfowl utilize them.

The principle species of waterfowl harvested are wood duck, teal and occasionally mallard, black duck and a variety of other species. Canada geese also sometimes come into this area. Decoys, boats or blinds are not provided and each hunter must bring their own equipment. Hip boots or waders are strongly encouraged and hunters are cautioned to avoid deep water (channels and beaver runs). The use of a retrieving dog is always helpful.

No entry allowed until 5:00 am. All waterfowl hunters utilizing the area must check-in before hunting and then check-out when leaving at the mail boxes near the entrance to the impoundment. Each hunter is limited to 25 non-toxic shells (steel, bismuth/tin, bismuth, tungsten, polymer, tungsten-iron) per hunt. Shotguns with magazines must be plugged so they hold no more than 2 shells in the magazine and 1 shell in the chamber. All other federal, state and wma regulations apply.