Bear Island Wildlife Management Area

Property Location

TiTi Road
Green Pond, SC 29446

Latitude: 32.593  Longitude:-80.463
Acreage: 12021
County: Colleton
Game Zone: 3

Property Type: WMA Specific

Hours of Operation

Fishing at Bear Island WMA is available from 04/01/18 thru 09/30/18.

The area is open for general public visitation during daylight hours in designated areas from February 9 - October 31. (NOTE: See Dates of CLOSURES During This Time Period Listed Below). Visitors are required to obtain a day pass upon entry. HUNTERS: Get your hunt pass at the Check-Station When You Sign-In To Hunt.

Property Closures

Bear Island WMA Property CLOSURES for Deer Hunts:

Deer/Archery Hunts: OCT 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10 (NO SUNDAY HUNTING)

Deer/Lottery Draw Gun Hunts:

OCT 15, 16, 17

OCT 22, 23, 24

OCT 29, 30, 31

Activities / Facilities

Driving Fishing Hunting Nature Viewing Biking Hiking Important Bird Area

Property Description

Photograph of Birds on Bear Island WMA

Bear Island Wildlife Management Area, owned by the SC Department of Natural Resources, is managed to provide quality habitat for wintering waterfowl and other wetland wildlife including threatened and endangered species such as woodstorks and bald eagles; to provide habitat for upland game and nongame species; and to provide recreational opportunities for the hunting and nonhunting public.

Public hunting on the WMA includes waterfowl (by special drawing only), white-tailed deer, mourning dove and small game. The diverse area provides excellent bird watching, attracting waterfowl, bald eagles, wading birds, shorebirds and song birds. Two observation platforms and miles of dikes provide numerous wildlife viewing opportunities.