Palachucola Wildlife Management Area

Property Location

Garnett, SC 29922

Latitude: 32.599  Longitude:-81.284
Acreage: 6757
County: Hampton
Game Zone: 3

Property Type: WMA Specific

Hours of Operation

Palachucola Shooting Range Information

This area is open during daylight hours year-round but will close on certain days for special hunts.

*NEW* 2019 Palachucola WMA DOVE FIELD Hunt Dates
September 7, 14, 25
October 12
November 16

2019 Hog Hunt with Dogs -- Hand Gun Only
August 29-31, 2019

September 16th - October 10th
Palachucola Firing Range will be open on SUNDAYS ONLY during this time

2019 DEER Draw Hunt Dates
The area will be CLOSED during these Hunts
October 17-19
October 31-November 2
November 7-9
November 21-23
December 12-14
The Palachucola Firing Range will be CLOSED during these dates

This is a Category II waterfowl area.

Migratory Waterfowl Season Open Dates:
Mon. through Sat. AM only during the State waterfowl season.

Activities / Facilities

Biking Driving Equestrian Fishing Hunting Nature Viewing Hiking Canoes Shooting Ranges

Property Description

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources manages public lands through two distinct programs. The Heritage Trust Program was created to conserve those natural features and cultural resources that are quickly disappearing as the state's population increases in size. The Wildlife Management Area Program was initially developed to provide quality public hunting opportunities throughout the state. Today, its multiple use concepts provide opportunities for all wildlife enthusiasts.