Landsford Canal Forest Legacy Area

Property Location

Fort Lawn, SC 29714

Latitude: 34.774  Longitude:-80.885
Acreage: 1049
County: Chester
Game Zone: 2

Property Type: WMA Other

Hours of Operation

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Activities / Facilities

Fishing Hunting Nature Viewing Hiking

Property Description

The Landsford Forest Legacy Tract consists of 1,049 acres in Chester County, SC. The SC Department of Natural Resources (DNR) purchased it from Crescent Resources LLC in 2002. The funding for this acquisition was obtained through a Forest Legacy Program grant of $2,950,000 with match funds derived from a $25,000 cash contribution from the Katawba Valley Land Trust and an in-kind bargain sale contribution of $963,000 from Crescent Resources LLC.

The property is located in the northeastern corner of Chester County, SC, on S-12-327, just off US Highway 21 about 12 miles north of Fort Lawn, SC. It surrounds the western portion of Landsford Canal State Park on three sides, with S-12-327 bordering the entire western side of the property. The tract is bounded on the south by Dunn Creek and on the east by the Catawba River and Landsford Canal State Park. The property is situated on the Catawba quadrangle of the USGS 7.5 minute topographical map.

The 1,049-acre property is comprised of three contiguous tracts separated by paved roads: the north tract (201 acres), the central tract (511 acres) and the south tract (336 acres).The property is mainly forested, having several plant communities that include bottomland hardwoods, mixed pine uplands and hardwood bluffs. In addition, five miles of streams cross the property and it has approximately 4,700 feet of shoreline on the Catawba River. Much of the property was logged in recent times and no old growth natural areas exist.

This region of the Catawba River valley is rich in history. The river shoals provided a convenient place for Native Americans to cross. Landsford is probably named for Thomas Land who received a nearby land grant from the British Crown in 1755. Both Patriot and British armies used the site during the American Revolution. The Landsford area was later the home of General William R. Davie, the founder of the University of North Carolina. Landsford Canal was constructed in 1820-1823 to facilitate the transportation of cotton and other goods to the midlands and the coast of South Carolina. The quarry from which granite was excavated to construct the canal is located a few hundred feet from the canal, within the Landsford Forest Legacy Tract.

Nearby Landsford Canal State Park was established in 1970, providing a place of great natural beauty that includes bald eagles, Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies and the unique sights and sounds of a large river rushing over extensive rapids. The area also contains artifacts and ruins associated with over 10,000 years of human history.

A report entitled Plant Communities, Significant Natural Areas and Noteworthy Species of the Landsford West Expansion, prepared by Dr. L. L. Gaddy in September 2000, identifies four significant natural areas: (1) Dunn Creek Floodplain and Bluffs, (2) The Middle Ravine, (3) Northern Boundary Creek, and (4) Organic Bogs. In his report, Dr. Gaddy describes various rare and unusual plants that occur on these sites.

The mature, riparian forest bordering the Catawba River provides significant wildlife value such as important breeding and migratory habitat for various neo-tropical migrant songbirds, terrestrial amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

Hunting is allowed as outlined in Game Zone 2 seasons and regulations.