Donnelley Waterfowl Area

Property Location

Green Pond, SC 29446

Latitude: 32.667  Longitude:-80.596
County: Colleton
Game Zone: 3

Property Type: Waterfowl Area

Hours of Operation

Hunts are conducted on scheduled dates during the waterfowl season by drawing.

This is a Category I waterfowl area.

Property Description

This waterfowl area is located within Donnelley Wildlife Management Area and is a Category I waterfowl area.

Donnelley WMA is named in honor of the late Gaylord Donnelley and his wife Dorothy for the contributions they made to the ACE Basin Project and conservation across the continent. Donnelley WMA is owned and managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Ducks Unlimited, The National Wild Turkey Federation, US Army Corps of Engineers, The Nature Conservancy and other conservation interests participated in establishing the property.

The unique property is a cross section of the Lowcountry and encompasses a diversity of wetland and upland habitats including: managed rice fields, forested wetland, tidal marsh, agricultural lands and a variety of upland types, including a natural stand of longleaf pine. The area is managed under a multiple use concept to achieve the following objectives: protect and enhance the diverse wetland and upland habitats for resident and migratory species of wildlife; provide quality hunting and other wildlife related recreation opportunities for the public; maintain and restore representative natural plant communities; and provide an area for natural resource related research and education programs.

The 2,046 acres of managed wetlands are divided into 3 brackish marsh management units, 1 agricultural/moist soil unit, 4 green tree reservoirs and 7 old rice field reserves. The brackish marsh and the agricultural area provide the most habitat for wintering waterfowl. The old rice field reserves function primarily as a source of freshwater for the flooding of the down stream agricultural/moist soil unit.

The area is designated as an adult/youth hunt area. A maximum of 12 hunters are drawn for periodic hunts scheduled throughout the season. Hunters are provided with blind, decoys, and transportation to the blind site.