Santee Coastal Reserve Waterfowl Area

Property Location

McClellanville, SC 29458

Latitude: 33.126  Longitude:-79.346
County: Charleston, Georgetown
Game Zone: 3,4

Property Type: Waterfowl Area

Hours of Operation

Hunts are conducted on scheduled dates during the waterfowl season by drawing.

This is a Category I waterfowl area.

Activities / Facilities

Primitive Camping

Property Description

This waterfowl area is located within Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management Area and is a Category I waterfowl area.

The Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management Area is owned and managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The area was donated to the Department by The Nature Conservancy. Consisting of 24,000 acres, the tract is characterized as a waterfowl management area, but it also provides management capabilities for a wide variety of game, non-game and fishery resources.

The 12,000 acres of managed marsh is divided into 3 management units; The Cape, 9 managed wetlands, Cedar Island, 3 wetlands, and Murphy Island, 4 wetlands. All are managed for brackish marsh waterfowl food plants including wigeon grass, dwarf spike rush, and saltmarsh bulrush.

The 3 wetland management units are utilized for hunt management. Each unit is hunted on a weekly basis throughout the season. Hunters on each unit are provided with a blind and transportation to the blind. Hunters must provide decoys. Currently 12-18 guns are hunted on each unit.