Cliff Pitts WMA

Property Location

170 Armstrong Road,
Laurens, SC 

Latitude: 34.45694  Longitude:-82.19483
Acreage: 509
County: Laurens
Game Zone: 2

Property Type: WMA Other

Hours of Operation

Regular Game Zone 2 seasons for hunting and the area is open for other allowable activities during daylight hours.

Activities / Facilities

Fishing Hunting Hiking

Property Description

The Cliff Pitts WMA Tract is 509 acres in size and is located near Boyd Mill Pond in the western portion of Laurens County. It is approximately 5 miles northeast of Ware Shoals and 10.5 miles southwest of Laurens and is accessed from SC Highway 252 and Armstrong Road. This property was purchased by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the fall of 2011 with the strong support of Representative Michael A. Pitts and the Laurens County Legislative Delegation.

The tract is comprised of approximately 95 acres of 3 year old planted loblolly pine, 49 acres of 15 year old loblolly pine, 25 acres of 12 year old loblolly pine with a heavy component of mixed hardwoods and 320 acres of uneven aged mixed upland hardwoods. The area has approximately 20 acres of open land where there is a public dove field and other small wildlife openings well distributed over the property.

A main access road is open and provides access for hunting and to the Reedy River for fishing. You may park along this road but do not block the road. The remainder of the property is open for walk-in access. There are two parking areas, one near the end of Armstrong Road for access to the dove field and another off Hood Creek Road.

Approximately 54 acres of this property is located on the northwestern side of Highway 252. The entire area provides good hunting opportunities for wildlife species such as white-tailed deer, wild turkey and small game species like squirrel, rabbit, mourning dove and bobwhite quail. Furbearers such as raccoon, fox, bobcat and coyote may also be found on the area. Feral hogs which are a destructive, nuisance species are also present on the property.

Hunters are encouraged to take hogs whenever possible during any hunting season that is open. Hunters however must utilize only the appropriate firearm that is legal for the game species they are hunting.

This property has approximately 1.8 miles of frontage on the Reedy River that is very scenic and also offers good fishing. Fishing from the bank only during the daytime is available year around. A public access point to the river has been established where fishermen can drive in to a small parking area. The river near this parking area has gently sloping banks, easy walking, deep water and excellent fishing opportunities. A safety zone is posted around the parking area where hunting is prohibited. Fishermen should be aware that hunting is permitted on the remainder of the property. Other portions of the river have very steep banks and much more difficult walk-in only access.

In addition to the public hunting and fishing opportunity, this tract is available for use by those interested in wildlife observation, bird watching, nature study, wildlife photography and other types of non-consumptive outdoor recreation. The area provides excellent habitat for a variety of nongame wildlife species that includes birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.