Angelus WMA

Property Location

Jefferson, SC 291718

Latitude: 34.6327  Longitude:-80.2754
Acreage: 52
County: Chesterfield
Game Zone: 4

Property Type: WMA Other

Hours of Operation

During daylight hours. Bird dog training in accordance with regulations. Hunting within Game Zone 4 regulations.

Activities / Facilities


Property Description

The Angelus WMA was acquired in 1986 as part of a land swap between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge and the South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resources Department, now the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

The Angelus tract consists of approximately 52 acres and was formed from Carolina Sandhills Refuge tract 1094. To access Angelus WMA, travel SC265 east from the town of Jefferson for 1.5 miles. Turn right onto Angelus Road and proceed 2.5 miles. Turn left onto Sycamore Road and travel 3.1 miles. Turn right into the parking/kiosk area.

This WMA is comprised of planted longleaf pine with portions controlled burned annually. The primary public use of the area is for training bird dogs; however, other hunting is allowed within Game Zone 4 regulations. Bird dog training regulations are posted at the kiosk/sign-in area. Access is walk-in only.