Wadakoe Mountain Heritage Preserve/Wildlife Management Area

Map of Property

Location map for Wadakoe Mountain

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Directions to Property

The preserve is located above the Eastatoe Valley east of Cleo Chapman Highway and north of Roy F. Jones Highway in Pickens County. It adjoins the Jocassee Gorges Natural Area on the southeast side. Visitors can reach the preserve by foot. Limited parking can be found at a red gate on the north side of Roy F. Jones Highway. The gate is approximately 1 mile from the intersection of S.C. Highway 11 and Roy F. Jones Highway and is immediately adjacent to the Jocassee Gorges boundary (posted with WMA signs). Do not block the gate. The access road crosses under several powerlines and through a small strip of private property (do not leave the road) before entering through the corner of the preserve. There are no developed facilities. The hike is moderate to strenuous.