Watson-Cooper Heritage Preserve/Wildlife Management Area

Map of Property

Location map for Watson-Cooper HP

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Directions to Property

Visitors can access the Watson-Cooper Heritage Preserve on foot starting at the Raven Cliff Falls parking area and following the Foothills Trail which goes through the preserve. Another way to get to the preserve is to follow U.S. 276 north 5 miles from the South Carolina/North Carolina state line to East Fork Road. Turn left on East Fork Road and go 1.4 miles to Happy Acres (a dirt and gravel road on the left). Turn left and follow the dirt and gravel road 1.7 miles. The road will fork with a private drive on the left and the road to the preserve on the right. The road to the right reaches the preserve boundary in 0.2 miles. This road goes along the boundary and then enters the property at a sign that says "Watson-Cooper Heritage Preserve.