Great Pee Dee River Heritage Preserve/Wildlife Management Area

Map of Property

Location map for Great Pee Dee River HP

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Directions to Property

From Darlington, go northeast on SC 34 for about 7.5 miles to Mechanicsville. Turn left at crossroads onto N. Charleston Rd/SC 35. Go about 1.5 miles; look for brown binocular road sign and turn right onto dirt road blocked by SC DNR gate, which remains unlocked except when road is flooded. Proceed down dirt road for about 1 mile to parking area and kiosk. The road continues for about 2.5 miles to the river. *From SC 35 until you arrive at the kiosk, you are driving on an easement across private lands. This easement is for access only, so do not park along it or otherwise infringe on our neighbor's private property. According to our agreement with our neighbors, the gate is to be closed at all times, so close it both upon entering, and then upon leaving, the preserve. Visitors are required to sign in/sign out at kiosk.